Welcome to justchrisdavies

Welcome to justchrisdavies which I’ve created to share my thoughts on topical political issues that need more than 280 characters and a degree of nuance that Twitter does not always permit.


I grew up in a family of Conservative political activists. As a Young Conservative, I was a Branch Chairman within the late Sir Michael Spicer’s West Worcestershire parliamentary constituency and active within the Conservative Policy Forum, once speaking at the Conservative Party Spring conference.

After a successful career in insurance broking and niche financial services, specialising in guarantee bonds predominantly for the Construction industry, my fellow Managing Director and wife, Fiona and I formed our own business in 2009, which is the leading independent brokerage in the UK in its sector. A regular panelist and public speaker, I have substantial knowledge of the UK Construction sector throughout its supply chain, reflected in media contributions through relationships with senior industry journalists. I am happily married and both my and Fiona’s daughters work in the family business.

I have has always maintained a watching brief on UK and international politics and have iteratively returned to activism and research since the Brexit referendum was called.

As a small c Thatcherite conservative (my parents purchased their council house), I am a fiscal and defence hawk, patriot, libertarian and meritocrat. Passionate about free speech and markets alike, I abhor the cult of wokeism including all identity politics, cancel culture, white privilege and the (illegal) teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools, which I perceive as reductive and iniquitous revisionism.

Immensely proud of the United Kingdom and the primacy of the nation state, our armed forces and fiercely patriotic in opposing the globalist agenda, my specific areas of interests include housing, national and international macroeconomics, geopolitical evolution and immigration control.

I believe in unfettered civil liberties and a small state with minimal intervention that should provide appropriate financial support to those who have temporarily fallen into difficulties and lifelong financial security for those born with or who later suffer with severe, irreversible disabilities and infirmities, who are unable to make an economic contribution through no fault of their own.


I am a Research Fellow for the oldest conservative think tank, The Bow Group. I am also a member of and a regular contributor of articles to The Bruges Group.

Philosophy, values and ambitions for 2022

I am a traditional conservative. I resigned my membership of the Conservative & Unionist Party in September 2021 as it was (and remains) misnomered. We currently have the 3 main national political parties all with their tanks parked in Social Democracy (the Centre Left). That is not conservatism.

Through building a collaborative network of like minded people and think tanks (notably the Bow Group and the Bruges Group, both of whom I mutually share ideas and content with), my objectives are to:

  1. Realign the Conservative & Unionist Party as a socially and fiscally conservative party that maintains a small and efficient state where appropriate and is committed to market forces, self determination, a low tax base and libertarianism – I believe this will only happen during a period of opposition or coalition but seeds must be sown in the interim;
  2. Unite those parties including Reform, Reclaim, UKIP and Heritage that have occupied the ground on which Thatcherite conservatism stood as an electoral coalition force to deny the Tories an outright majority under “First Past The Post”, whilst avoiding the disaster of a rainbow coalition of leftist parties to take the country to purgatory through an inevitable shift to proportional representation.

I have averaged a piece a week since August 2021 and hope to maintain at least that level throughout 2022.

Each piece will have an accompanying video and from time to time, I will do spontaneous pieces to camera on YouTube, which will also be posted here as a link, in response to a pressing topic of the day.

I applaud the government where appropriate and criticise when they get things wrong. My aim is to be balanced and even handed relative to the manifesto précised above. This clearly means I am not nor do I claim to be, unbiased.

Wokeism/identity politics

Wokeism can and must be defeated. It is imperative that the vocal, often tiny minority are opposed and the institutions and practices that make this United Kingdom great are not sullied by their bile and even hatred of our country.

Illegal Immigration

Tackling illegal immigration has become the single biggest issue for many voters and the government’s failure to address it is a stain on their legacy for as long as it continues.


Education from infants through to Universities has been hijacked by Marxists intent on indoctrinating malleable minds with bunkum such as Critical Race Theory and White Privilege.


The sacred cow that is the NHS is in chronic need of reform. Whitehall likewise, with civil servants openly hostile to implementing government’s clear manifesto commitments through obfuscation.


Our armed forces must be brought into the 21st century and properly resourced starting with the reversal of cuts to the Defence budget and years of running down active troop numbers.


The looming energy crisis must be ameliorated by removing VAT on domestic fuel, removing the price cap, removing “green” subsidies (25% of average domestic utility bills) and ending reliance on importing energy sources to artificially reduce our carbon footprint.


With the highest personal tax burden since 1945, soaring inflation and the growing risk of stagflation, the government must reverse the freeze on personal allowances, not proceed with the tapered increase of Corporation Tax and scrap the proposed 1.25% increase in National Insurance contributions.

In short, there is much to do and never enough time to do it all. Let’s start and make a dent in it throughout 2022.

All feedback is welcome and I hope to engage with you in the year ahead.

You’ll find me on Twitter and GETTR @justchrisdavies and YouTube https://youtube.com/channel/UCQpMja215D4CU-yiIOV7DKQ

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