No really Boris, Take Back Control

Published 16th August 2021

What a tumultuous period it has been since the 2019 General Election 20 months ago. An 80 seat majority would normally enable a Prime Minister to fulfil most manifesto commitments comfortably.

Brexit got done. Well mainly. Northern Ireland would beg to differ. The Protocol cannot be kicked down the road indefinitely. The EU is in disarray with Poland, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark all contemplating entering the departure lounge. 23 of the 27 countries are involved in legal proceedings with the EU.

COVID-19 was a dot on the horizon yet just over 3 months later, the 1st national lockdown began. 

Joe Biden became President of the United States and in less than 7 months has appeared increasingly frail whilst printing trillions of dollars and is seemingly little more than a prisoner of AOC, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

A conspiracy theorist might speculate that the plan was to install Kamala Harris (who left the race for the White House very early in the piece) within 2 years all along. To channel Francis Urquhart, you could say that, I couldn’t possibly comment.

Biden’s unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan without consulting the UK spells the need for a hard reset on the “special relationship”. 

The Chinese Communist Party, Pakistan and Russia will all be keen to fill the vacuum that the West has left behind. My enemy’s enemy is my friend springs to mind. That alone necessitates an urgent review of foreign and defence policy. Free of the shackles of the EU, global mercantile Britain can, should and must prosper.

English Channel migrant crossings have hit new record highs in benign weather conditions. Leaving the ECHR (yes I know we drafted it) is a priority. People need to understand the difference between asylum (where we already do our fair share) and economic migration. 

Population growth of 10M in 20 years for an island nation with our land mass has put a massive strain on our public services and infrastructure and cannot continue. Little surprise that the national debt has trebled since 2010.

It is imperative the Nationality & Borders Bill passes without amendments and as an astute follower pointed out on Twitter, it must be water tight from ambulance chasing Human Rights lawyers to prevent a repeat of the latest deportation flight debacle.

Whilst borrowing remains understandably but unsustainably high, it must start to fall faster and harder before the year is out. Boris must channel his inner libertarian starting with the removal of all remaining COVID-19 restrictions to get the economy moving faster across all sectors.

15th August 2021 must be a line in the sand for the future direction of the United Kingdom. Our attempts to export Western style democracy must cease. I’m not advocating we become “neutral” a la Switzerland but we must focus on getting our own house in order for the remainder of this parliamentary term.

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