Immigration: there is another way

Published 3rd October 2021

How do you solve a problem like immigration? 

Setting a cap of 100,000 net migrants a year and missing it spectacularly every year? Tried that. 

Burying your head in the sand as part of the political class and keeping it there so as not to be spoken of in the same breath as Tommy Robinson or Nick Griffin? Tried that. 

And that is about it. What part of “taking back control” is it when over 17,000 illegal and undocumented immigrants have already arrived by boat on the South Coast this year without a single one being deported? 

These arrivals are a small percentage of illegal immigrants but the most visible since Nigel Farage started highlighting them.

This just won’t do. It happens to be on Priti Patel’s watch but in truth successive Home Secretaries have failed this country since Enoch Powell’s infamous “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968 for fear of being branded racist or “damaging community relations”.

Immigration per se was exacerbated by free movement in our time in the EU and multiplied by the accession of former Eastern Bloc countries in 2003. This has helped maintain low inflation, criminally (literally in some cases) low labour costs and low interest rates despite the financial crash and the pandemic. 

Inflation is now heading for 4%, double the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee’s target and rejoiners are engaging in an unhealthy dose of schadenfreude over shortages of HGV drivers, even though similar shortages exist in many EU countries.

The public have become increasingly agitated by immigrants and asylum seekers seemingly receiving priority over the indigenous population, brought into sharp focus by the government’s commitment to asylum seekers fleeing Afghanistan. following the calamitous US led allied withdrawal.

The UK has a proud record of “doing the right thing” in relation to genuine asylum seekers. Proportionate to our land mass and relative economic might, we are above reproach in this area. 

Sadly, the levels of (particularly illegal) net immigration have blurred the lines for many citizens between the relatively modest number of asylum seekers fleeing persecution versus the large number of economic migrants that have settled.

The number of illegal immigrants residing in the UK is estimated (albeit by a human rights lawyer) to be around 1.5M. Whilst I confess I have no empirical evidence to support this assertion, I put the figure nearer 3M.

There are 2 reasons for this. 

Firstly, the Home Office expected 3M EU citizens to apply for settled status before the cut off of 30th June 2021, 5.6M applied (almost double). 

Secondly, since mass immigration to the UK began, including visas issued for students and others with leave to remain for fixed periods in the UK, anecdotally many have chosen to remain and work undocumented, often in organised criminal groups (including those who have groomed tens of thousands of white British girls for prostitution and drug running) and in appalling working conditions for less than the minimum wage (the textile manufacturing industry being one such example).

Immigration begins and ends with one question: what does the country need? If jobs need filling and the indigenous population cannot be trained to do them (although with the end of furlough, I cannot see a reason why), then immigration is one option but only after visas have been exhausted for temporary overseas citizens to fill gaps in the workforce until British citizens are trained. 

If we really want to balance immigration numbers, a 360o approach is needed. Whilst there is no silver bullet, in bald terms, this breaks down into 5 requirements.

1. Political will. This is the most fundamental requirement. Without it, the existing perceived “free for all” will continue. Giving over £130M to the French and expecting them to “stop the boats coming” is not political will;

2. Auto deportation without appeal for illegal immigrants. This will help to reduce the ever increasing growth of human rights lawyers abusing the legal system with often frivolous appeals that cause sclerosis leading to years for deportation to take place, by which time the original “illegal immigrant” may likely have settled, begun a relationship and have children;

3. A go forward policy for legal immigration based on economic need, including points based entry system to be enforced rather than any form of virtue signalling to appease those who would prefer a return to unrestricted immigration. All legal immigrants must apply and have been accepted before entering the country;

4. British values must be embraced by all legal immigrants and there must be community integration to facilitate harmony. Whilst the UK has a proud tradition of tolerance for diversity of colour, creed and faith, this must work both ways. Not only can there be no “no go” areas for any part of the British population, whilst we are increasingly secular, the largest religious groups in the population remain part of Christianity, including the largest element, the Church of England. Notwithstanding the teachings of other religions, we must not, will not adopt any other law than the law of this land, whether in statute or common law. Those immigrants whose beliefs cannot overcome this imperative must exercise their option to leave the country for another that aligns with their beliefs;

5. The UK must continue to take its equitable share of genuine asylum seekers. 

By passing the Nationality & Borders bill, which is making very heavy work of its passage through Parliament and exiting our position as a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights (which yes Cherie Blair assisted in drafting), we can begin to protect UK borders properly. That is what take back control means to me and I believe many others.

The UK is one of (if not) the most tolerant places on Earth with a successful track record of integration of immigrants going back beyond the Huguenots. We do not need to be preached to on inclusivity, respect for diversity and must continue to resist Marxist ideology, including rabid critical race theory (imported from the US) and the absurd notion of white privilege. There are over 7,000 military veterans on British streets. This is a stain on our great nation and must be addressed as a priority by a so called Conservative government.

As white British boys are consistently outperformed by every other student in the UK, they most certainly are not privileged, nor should they be made to feel guilty for their creed or the misdeeds of their ancient forbears.

A brief word on British ex pats living overseas, which prior to Brexit ran to several million. The “when in Rome” principle works both ways. British citizens who call France, Spain, Greece, Portugal or any other foreign country “home” for the majority of the calendar year must make the effort to integrate into the local population and learn (at least) enough language to get by, instead of creating enclaves of Little Britain. We should rightly expect the same for those who settle in the UK.

This has been a challenging piece to write and I’m sure some will choose to twist my words for nefarious purposes. I know my intentions and believe they will accord with the vast majority of the British public across all 4 countries of the United Kingdom, in rural and urban areas.

I end on this thought. The Conservative Party won the 2019 General Election by promising to “Get Brexit Done”. Boris Johnson inherited a poor hand from Theresa May but with obvious exceptions such as the open sore that is the Northern Ireland Protocol, Brexit got done. 

The corollary of getting Brexit done was taking back control of our money, laws and borders. Notwithstanding the pandemic, there is little evidence to date to suggest that this has or will happen. 

The Tories have been successful by pivoting many times over the last hundred years to deliver electoral success. If they fail to take back control and get serious about immigration, even with a Labour Party that is tearing itself apart, the Tories will be punished at the ballot box sooner rather than later but more importantly, they will have failed this great nation, who will rightly never forgive them for wasting the benefits of Brexit.

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