The Great Reset (aka the abolition of Liberal Democracy)

Published 25th October 2021

I’m always amused by people’s social media biographies that say, “all opinions my own”. There is a positive (they are not part of groupthink at least in theory) but for me it always begs the question, who else’s opinion would it be if not yours?

Before the pile on from those who work in high profile public and private sector environments, I would add that I appreciate that in the reductive world of Twitter bios, the “all opinions my own” brigade are evidencing unequivocally that their employers’ views may differ from theirs.

You may well wonder where this post is leading. Away from social media in planet real world, we have the heir to the throne and his oldest son both subscribing to the notion of the need for “The Great Reset”. Other slogans include “Build Back Better” (even Boris is not brazen enough to claim that as his own) or the less well known but no less relevant “New World Order”.

You may still wonder where all this is leading. You would not be alone. Why? Because, in simple terms and without wishing to sound like a hackneyed conspiracy theorist complete with “The end of the world is nigh” sandwich board, well over 99.9% of the population are not on “in” on the joke. A joke with a punchline of “Democracy, as we know it is being taken away”.

A little more than 0.1% of the population will be familiar with Davos. Some may know that this is the annual shindig of the great and the good from the corporate and political elite, who gather annually, pandemic permitting in person, to workshop ideas for the future of geopolitical and macroeconomic futures of the globe, through the prisms of the organisations they represent.

Fewer still will be aware of more informal or less well advertised events featuring billionaires in Gulfstream jets flying into private locations to meet “informally” with world leaders to lobby, influence and in some cases, direct and dictate.

The influence of conglomerates in the pharmaceutical sector has hit the radar for some, not least during the race to find suitable vaccines to mitigate Covid-19. 

With even the least tech savvy amongst us using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other proprietary social media platforms and just about everyone accessing the internet via Microsoft or Apple products, “big tech” has morphed in the last 40 years into a homogenised mass of influence and increasingly censorship.

To summarise, the global elite of political leaders, billionaires, “big pharma” and “big tech” have joined forces. Between them, they have the power to usurp traditional Liberal Democracy so beloved of the developed world and replace it with an irreversible and unaccountable hegemony over which we the people have no material influence.

The Great Reset? Ordinary people, the (more than) 99.9% referred to above will own nothing but they will be “content”. If this sounds familiar it is. If not, it will be very soon in evolutionary terms.

I have used the phrase “capitalist communism” in online discourse and responses have been mixed to say the least. It is however an accurate representation of what is coming if we do not wake up, speak up and deny the global elite their victory by stealth.

Social mobility will effectively have a glass ceiling. Brexit was a shock to the New World Order as it affirmed that the majority of those who voted in the referendum still viewed the nation state as their primary preference above an ever closer federal continent, planned and controlled centrally, with ever increasing powers and ever diminishing accountability. A parallel with the old Soviet politburo if you will.

Now I know that some of you brave souls have clung on to this piece in the hope that you will be fully enlightened by the end of it. Some will already have given up. Some will be shrugging their shoulders but even if just a few of you are still with me, I urge you, right now, to click away from this blog and go and read all you can find on Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

And once you have, tell your friends. And tell your friends to tell their friends. Ad infinitum. 

I will leave you with this summation. 

If you are happy to be led by the nose, do nothing. If you are happy to accept a limitation on your life chances, ditto. If you don’t much care for democracy, sit on your hands. If you’re content to be content with the ongoing erosion and eventual destruction of democracy, then sit back, relax and do nothing.

However if this is not you. If you want more. If you value your freedom of thought and speech, accept the right to be offended and want to be able to emulate Carnegie, Rockefeller, Murdoch, Soros and their kin, rather than being forever beneath their yoke, then once you have read voraciously all you can on Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, gird your loins and push back. 

Churchill did not defeat the Nazis to have a new form of tyranny imposed upon Brexit Britain. Now is the time for you to do your duty by spreading the word and defying the new global oligarchy. 

Are you in?

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