Say hello, wave goodbye

Published 31st October 2021

This will be my last post on 

This site has now been migrated to a new and hopefully more user friendly site:

Thank you for all your feedback on the legacy posts (which is one of the reasons for the migration) and I look forward to welcoming you on the other side.

I remain on a Twitter break until early 2022 but will continue to post from time to time to the new site in the interim which of course subscribers will be able to read.

Finally if you are more a fan of the spoken than written word, my YouTube channel is up and running and will shortly have all posts uploaded in video format.

I look forward to engaging with you on the new site.

© justchrisdavies 2021

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Happily married. Thatcherite Conservative, hawk, libertarian, meritocrat, patriot, free speech, free markets, abhor all identity politics, woke/cancel culture/Critical Race Theory. Privilege is not exclusively white. Proud of my country, and it’s history. Support our armed forces. Refuse to bow to revisionism. The Laffer Curve will set us free. Lower taxes = higher tax receipts @justchrisdavies on Twitter, GETTR and Parler. Support GBNews, Fellow of the Bow Group, Member of the Bruges Group.

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