COP26: gesture politics ad nauseum

Published 4th November 2021

Global warming provides a marvellous excuse for global socialism – Margaret Thatcher

If there has ever been a bigger collection of always the victim, never their fault, offended by everything, ashamed of nothing, pious, narcissistic, doom mongering, sneering has beens, never wases & never will bes than the so called elite at COP26, I’d be most interested to avoid them.

Or maybe not and I should instead seek to engage with these supreme beings around the amount of CO2 created by a physical rather than digital conference, replete with 85 vehicle presidential cavalcade.

Totally ignoring for one moment the absence of the leaders of some of the countries in the upper echelons of current CO2 polluters (China, Russia, Brazil), fossil fuel dependent economies (Saudi Arabia) and Turkey (me neither), the gathering of 25,000 people, (a good number of whom arrived on 1 of 400 private jets), really stretches even the substantial elasticity of the term “rank hypocrisy”.

Amidst all the hand wringing, prophecies of doom and associated apocalyptic predictions, has anyone given even a passing thought to the exponential population growth predicted on the continent of Africa (which is conservatively expected to treble by 2050) and the CO2 that will create? I’ll wait.

Our Climate Change Commander in Chief and heir to the throne, who personally has one of the largest carbon footprints of anyone on the planet got warmed up at the G20 and then went full Charles Windsor from the COP lectern.

As a staunch monarchist, even I am beginning to view him as the standard bearer in chief for the republican cause. Dishonourable mentions to William for jumping on this bandwagon and in so doing taking attention away from his brother who has briefly returned to relative silence (apart from his commitment to not further polluting the planet through additional progeny).

Jeff Bezos may be the world’s richest man. He may even deserve to be so having been equitable with his ex wife in their divorce. Still half of a lot is a lot so hard to feel too much sympathy. His (literally) stratospheric levels of temporary stupidity brought to mind an obvious and oft repeated quotation from Abraham Lincoln: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. Just ask Greta Thunberg, now 18 years old and turning the air blue instead of green.

I’ve decided to cop out of further engagement around COP26 and avoid the ignominy of further finger jabbing from the everyone’s equal but some are more equal than others global elite. This particular Animal Farm will leave an unpleasant stench for many years to come.

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