Thoughts for the week – 13th November 2021

Published 13th November 2021

Disorganised immigration feeds organised crime

The deafening silence of the mainstream media in relation to the economic migrant crisis emanating from English Channel crossings is crass, shoddy, myopic and fundamentally fails in their journalistic responsibilities.

It is difficult not to draw the conclusion that this is because Nigel Farage both before and since joining GB News has driven the narrative on this crisis. Thursday 4th November saw 853 arrivals, a record smashed just 7 days later with 1,185 setting a new high water mark.

People traffickers typically charge £3,000 per person. That equates to £3.56 Million for one day. 87% of arrivals are men. Their home countries include Sudan, Somalia, Iraq and Syria. None are bastions of opportunity and economic liberalism but why are wives and children OK to stay in these territories and their men are not?

Aside from the obvious terrorist threat of undocumented fighting age men arriving from countries riven with terrorist groups from Al Shabab to IS and Al Qa’eda, the likelihood of these men ending up in organised criminal gangs is high.

Much has been made of chronic child sex abuse across Northern towns from Rotherham to Rochdale and rightly so. It is time to call this what it is. Systematic rape of vulnerable white girls by (mainly) Pakistani men.

This stain on our society is in fact nationwide. Telford is now rightly under the spotlight and it is wrong to think that this is solely a problem in the Pakistani community. It is not. Albanian crime syndicates control many of the prostitution rings operating throughout the country.

None of this is unknown to government or the police. Organised crime prospers when systematically “paying off” enough people at every link in the chain enables eyes to be averted and pockets lined.

To pretend that the migrant crisis does not conflate with the proliferation of rape, prostitution and county lines drug distribution is to tacitly permit the perpetuation of all of these issues.

With the latest deportation flight to Jamaica yielding 4 departures out of a possible 33, the government has been given yet another timely reminder of the need to exit the European Convention on Human Rights and remove the air from the balloon of growth for lawyers specialising in finding spurious legal loopholes that permit foreign born criminals to remain in the UK after their prison sentences are served.

In short, across the immigration brief, enough is enough.

The NHS Emperor has no clothes

In a piece to camera this week, Amanda Pritchard, Chief Executive of NHS England stated to Sky News that hospitalisations from COVID-19 were up fourteen fold compared to this time last year.

This was not challenged. Even though the reality is that hospitalisations are in fact 27% lower.

Having sawn off tens of thousands of jobs in the care sector for the unvaccinated and promising the same outcome for frontline NHS workers by next April, the totalitarian scaremongering highlighted in Laura Dodsworth’s excellent book, “A State of Fear” is alive and kicking.

The rollout of vaccine booster jabs is slower than the government would like. The public are increasingly voting with their feet, as to whether or not the “increased protection” is for them. 88% of the population have been double jabbed. It is time to row back from fear and draconian threats.

I’ll cancel myself thanks, this one’s on you

Nigel Farage was due to attend a dinner in his honour at Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Club this week, in an apolitical event to raise funds for a local hospice. Local activists persuaded the club to cancel the event, costing the charity a minimum of £10,000. I’m sure Nigel enjoyed a quiet Friday night in Kent instead.

M&S staff badges will now carry preferred pronouns. I’m sure their typical customer will be underwhelmed.

Best of all this week was John Cleese cancelling himself from attending the Cambridge University Union, following the backlash and banning of historian and television presenter, Andrew Graham-Dixon for a “problematic” caricaturing of Adolf Hitler.

Woke, Cancel Culture and Critical Race Theory are the instruments of extreme Marxists who having been denied power through democracy remain assiduous in pushing their gotchas and white hate. We must resist.

Cut taxation to stabilise growth

Economic growth slowed to 1.3% in the quarter to September, compared with 5.5% growth in the quarter to June.

With inflation now at 3.1% and predicted to peak at 5% or even 6% briefly in 2022 when government forecasts assume an average rate of 4% will apply.

The Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee has maintained record low interest rates for now, despite mortgage lenders already increasing base rates for borrowers.

If Rishi Sunak wants to maximise the potential for the economy to grow by 6.5%, on which his budget hinges, he must reverse the proposed National Insurance increases of 1.25% for Employees, Employers and on Dividends due to be applied from 1st April 2022.

Further, reduce Corporation Tax from 19% to 15%, instead of allowing it to drift back up to 26%.

By reversing both taxes (handbrakes) on jobs, economic growth will have the best environment in which to flourish and the Exchequer will increase tax receipts. A welcome win, win for a government slipping in the polls and appearing to be losing its way after 11 years in office.

Second jobs are not automatically sleaze but greed costs

Welcome back to “Tory sleaze” on the lips of political commentators.

Despite the hypocrisy of Keir Starmer and Ed Davey, both of whom have received consultancy fees for non-parliamentary work, the Owen Paterson case and bungling of handling it by government has been perpetuated this week by the case of Geoffrey Cox.

As Attorney General under Theresa May, Cox had a high profile, particularly as her Brexit negotiations hit the rails. Since being relieved of his duties by Boris Johnson, Cox has spoken once in the House of Commons since March 2020 and is rarely seen in his constituency.

Having racked up £900,000 in consultancy fees from his work for the British Virgin Islands, some of which appears to have been undertaken in his parliamentary office, the optics do not look good for Cox.

The ongoing debate over MPs pay will not result in material change in this post pandemic climate.

I’m in the minority but personally I have no problem with MPs having second jobs in the public or private sectors provided that they do not impact on the primacy of their role in effectively representing their constituents and they do not lobby on behalf of the organisations that remunerate them.

Our MPs need to paint from the broadest possible palette. The PPE Degree student who becomes a parliamentary assistant, special adviser and then miraculously bags a safe seat is a well trodden path to mediocrity in the House of Commons.

The cases of Owen Paterson (who broke rules on lobbying) and Cox (who appears to have lined his pockets at the expense of his parliamentary role) should not lead to the banning of MPs having secondary employment.

That said, MPs must properly discharge their responsibilities on behalf of their electorate and avoid the assertion that they, yet again, have their noses buried too deep in the trough.

Poland refuses to blink despite Putin migrant aggression

Alexander Lukashenko, the didactic leader of Belarus is proving once again to be a useful idiot proxy for Vladimir Putin.

By providing cheap passage to economic migrants wishing to reach the promised land of the European Union, over 1,000 migrants are now massed at the Polish border.

Poland have 15,000 armed troops and layers of razor wire and are proving resolute despite Putin flying fighter planes above the border and threatening dire consequences should Poland open fire on the migrants.

This may all be a distraction from what now appears to be an inevitable Russian invasion of Ukraine for a further land grab.

Either way, we should thank and support the Poles for their determination to defend their territory and avoid a repeat of the 2015 Mediterranean crisis. Without it, expect a large number of immigrants to make their way to Calais in the coming weeks.

Priti Patel, this is what real Border Force looks like by the way.

GB News evolves much to the chagrin of the mainstream media

Congratulations to all at GB News for the latest refresh to their personnel and programming.

The arrivals of Mark Steyn (Friday at 19:00), Simon Evans and Dominic Frisby (Monday to Thursday at 23:00), Isabel Oakeshott (Friday at midday) and Arlene Foster, already part of the Political Correction who now has her own show (Friday at 15:00) are all welcome additions, along with news bulletins on the hour.

The pending arrival of Eamonn Holmes adds another sprinkling of star quality and experience to a station that is well and truly finding its feet, pushing back against matters consider “settled” by other broadcast media who have been inculcated with woke ideology, not least around gender.

Andrew who?

Remembrance Sunday

In advance of the 2 minutes silence on Sunday to give thanks to those who risked (and in many cases lost) their lives in defence of this great nation, I have a simple message, on which you may wish to contemplate.

Remember the fallen (not just the dead). Embrace the silence. Never forget. God Save The Queen.

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