Midweek musings – 17th November 2021

This is the link to my first live stream, covering a range of topics from Vaccine apartheid in Austria through to the Channel Crossing crisis via Qatar, a Scouse hero, Cambridge University Union U-Turn, woke supermarkets and inflation. Enjoy.


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Happily married. Thatcherite Conservative, hawk, libertarian, meritocrat, patriot, free speech, free markets, abhor all identity politics, woke/cancel culture/Critical Race Theory. Privilege is not exclusively white. Proud of my country, and it’s history. Support our armed forces. Refuse to bow to revisionism. The Laffer Curve will set us free. Lower taxes = higher tax receipts @justchrisdavies on Twitter, GETTR and Parler. Support GBNews, Fellow of the Bow Group, Member of the Bruges Group.

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