Channel Crossing Disaster – Time to turn the tide – 24th November 2021

At the time of writing this piece, tragically 31 people are confirmed dead in the English Channel so far today, including 5 women & 1 child.

The numbers are expected to rise as there are reports of a second boat in trouble with people in the water.

The first incident occurred in French waters near Calais (as is the ongoing case tonight) and British crews have been assisting their French counterparts on both emergencies.

This is unequivocally a tragedy and we would do well to remember that.

It was also completely foreseeable. A small number of adult migrants have died in recent weeks in isolated incidents. All were adults so most news outlets, with the honourable exception of GBNews, who have covered this unfolding story since the channel launched in June, ignored them.

As this happened in French waters, it is possible that Emmanuel Macron, 5 months from the French presidential election, will come under pressure to take action to stem the flow of migrants leaving France.

In the UK, charities, NGOs and Human Rights lawyers have queued up to blame the UK Government.

They are right to blame them but not for the reasons they think.

Successive governments have sent all the wrong signals by advertising the upside of taking the risk of getting to the UK on the web site and not deporting failed asylum applicants in a timely manner.

Not one arrival in 2021 has been deported.
Statistically, based on 4,000 migrants processed in Lithuania in 2021, 24 of whom had links to Islamic State and other Islamist terrorist groups, 1 in every 170 arrivals in the UK are Islamist terrorist cells – that equates to over 150 so far this year.

The UK must continue to take its equitable share of genuine asylum seekers and immigrants but the time for enabling people traffickers and those who wish us harm us are over.

The police and security forces need to cut the head off the snake of organised crime (which is what people trafficking is, along with the rape and prostitution of vulnerable young white girls), arrest them, lock them up and then deport them at the end of their sentence. No appeals for human rights lawyers to feast on.

I wrote a piece on 2nd October that set out my plan for the reforms needed to our immigration policy. In light of today, I have amended this slightly and instead of kicking the can down the road, the government needs to act. Now.

  1. Leave the European Convention on Human Rights;
  2. Declare this an emergency, guillotine through the Nationality & Borders Bill;
  3. Set up and offshore processing centre for all arrivals;
  4. Automatic deportation within 7 days, without appeal, for asylum seekers who arrive undocumented and who are rejected for leave to remain in the UK;
  5. A go forward policy for legal immigration based on economic need, including points based entry system to be enforced rather than any form of virtue signalling to appease those who would prefer a return to unrestricted immigration. All legal immigrants must apply and have been accepted before entering the country;
  6. British values must be embraced by all asylum seekers and legal immigrants and there must be community integration to facilitate harmony. Whilst the UK has a proud tradition of tolerance for diversity of colour, creed and faith, this must work both ways. Not only can there be no “no go” areas for any part of the British population, whilst we are increasingly secular, the largest religious groups in the population remain part of Christianity, including the largest element, the Church of England. Notwithstanding the teachings of other religions, we must not, will not adopt any other law than the law of this land, whether in statute or common law. Those immigrants whose beliefs cannot overcome this imperative must exercise their option to leave the country for another that aligns with their beliefs;

I am sick and tired of this government following events instead of leading them. Leadership is not based on opinion polls, focus groups and trying to please all of the people all of the time.

For the umpteenth time of asking, make “Take back control” a reality.

Enough is enough or today’s tragedy will be the first of many.

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