Thoughts for the week – 27th November 2021

Parliament is not a crèche

I’m sure Stella Creasy did not bring her 3 month old baby into the House of Commons and by extension the wider Palace of Westminster estate, expecting it to go unnoticed.

A cynic might think the whole thing was stage managed in the almost certain knowledge that she would be politely reminded that doing so was an infringement of Parliamentary rules (and she is not of course the first mother to do so) and generate calls for reform in the inevitable resultant hand wringing.

Creasy’s crusade to bring Parliament as a workplace into the 21st century is flawed. She has a position on women and equality which I respect. Given the shift towards fathers playing a more equal role in child rearing, she presumably would not baulk at the Prime Minister bringing his progeny to the despatch box for PMQs.

The reality of parenthood in the 21st century is that it remains elective. Children are a choice and have certainly enriched my life as they have many others but it is not an Employer’s responsibility to cater for the inevitable demands (and substantial financial cost) of parenthood.

Many parents throughout the United Kingdom do not have the luxury of being able to take their babies to the workplace. The pandemic has provided a blurring of the edges with millions of people having to adjust to working from home.

With 3/4 of Whitehall still working out of the attic, the spare room or the kitchen table, the much needed increase in productivity will only come through people returning to the pre-pandemic world, accepting that agile working and video calling will remain a component of the new workplace but not the whole engine.

The idea of a parliamentary crèche should not necessarily be dismissed, (though not just for MPs) although some might argue we already have enough childish behaviour every Wednesday at midday and decide that is more than enough. I’m inclined to agree.

Alas Hamas, better late than never

The decision to proscribe Hamas as a terrorist organisation is decades overdue but welcomed. This Iranian proxy committed to the annihilation of the state of Israel commits acts of terrorism routinely and to define them as such is to address an administrative oversight.

The Middle East remains febrile and whilst the global news agenda pivots back and forth to the West Bank and Gaza, particularly when there is a mass atrocity (or a slow news cycle), this is a constant state (the same is true of Yemen where the (predominantly Saudi) Sunnis are fighting a bloody civil war with the Iranian backed Shia).

Whilst a 2 state solution with Israel would help to lower the temperature somewhat, the entrenched position of Israel, not least for reasons of security, around Gaza and the West Bank, as well as the occupied territories looks unlikely to shift any time soon, even with Netanyahu, for so long the piñata of Hamas and Hezbollah, now deposed.

The stalemate is set to continue indefinitely and will certainly not be broken whilst Hamas maintains its desire for the destruction of Israel.

In truth, peace between Israel and her neighbours appears further away now than the rapprochement attempted by the Carter administration in the 1970s, before the Iranian Islamic revolution.

Michael Vaughan, run out or stumped?

The highlight of Michael Vaughan’s test career as a batsman was the 2002/03 tour of Australia where he scored 696 runs in 5 test matches against one of the finest bowling attacks in history at the peak of their powers, making him briefly the number 1 batsman in the world. (England of course still lost the series).

He would memorably go on to lead England in the 2005 Ashes to their first series victory over Australia for 28 years.

You would think then (and you would be right) that he would know a thing or two about leadership and getting the best out of the people around him.

Vaughan has denied the specific allegation levelled at him by Azeem Rafiq that as Yorkshire Cricket Club captain with 4 Asian players in the starting XI, his motivational speech mentioned there being too many Asians in the starting XI. Two of Rafiq’s fellow Asians confirmed the comment, a third does not recall it. It seems an odd way to inspire regardless.

The inevitable trawling through his Twitter account has revealed the odd off colour/unfortunate/wishes he hadn’t sent it now (delete as appropriate) tweet. I’d also be more than surprised if he has not been in dressing rooms where so called “banter” which would be unacceptable anywhere else has been commonplace.

Vaughan’s decision to give a partial mea culpa interview to the BBC, who have suspended his participation in his weekly “Tuffers & Vaughan” show and confirmed he will not be behind the microphone of Test Match Special for the forthcoming Ashes in Australia, is surprising. More so as he has been picked up by an Australian network to do the job for them instead (probably at a premium to what he would have been paid by the BBC).

Cricket’s reputation has been sullied by allegations of institutionalised racism. Is Vaughan a racist? I suspect not. Has he said things he wishes he hadn’t said? Of course, show me someone who hasn’t and I’ll show you a liar, even amongst the most fanatical devotees of Woketopia. Should he have been suspended by the BBC? Absolutely not. Mind you, BBC? Woketopia? I think we know how this ends.

Omicron, governments’ favourite Christmas variant

In the week those in the population who have contracted COVID-19 passed 10M and with Christmas just 4 weeks away, as if by magic, a new and more contagious iteration of the virus is now in circulation. The first 2 UK cases have been reported as I write.

The timing is at best prescient but for our civil liberties and the wider health of the population, a cause for appreciable concern. Austria is in full lockdown and requires mandatory vaccination by 1st February. Germany is likely to do likewise and they will not be the last European government to do so.

It may sound like damning with faint praise but since so called Freedom Day on 19th July, the UK has looked the most “normal” of our European counterparts.


  1. The “emergency measures” Coronavirus Act, enacted for 6 months to flatten the sombrero has been renewed. 3 times. Latterly without even a vote in parliament;
  2. Face masks remain mandatory on public transport;
  3. Circa 40,000 care workers have been dismissed from providing care for refusing to get vaccinated (worsening the crisis of capacity in the industry);
  4. Circa 100,000 NHS workers have until 1st April to get vaccinated or lose their jobs;
  5. Vaccine passports are needed to watch a game of football or attend other mass gatherings;
  6. Further lockdowns and the spectre of widening the scope of compulsory vaccine passports are not ruled out.

The United Kingdom has one of the highest rates of vaccination, with over 88% of the population have received at least one jab. Booster jab uptake in the over 40s is improving.

On Friday, Omicron wiped billions off the value of bourses across the world, with the airline sector inevitably the biggest losers.

I confidently predict that unless the public wake up and demand a return of all of our civil liberties hijacked by the emergency powers, the government with the full support of the so called opposition will hit the panic button and steal those they have ceded back since the 3rd lockdown.

I for one have had enough of Groundhog Day. I’m not a virologist or an immunologist but I’m happy to be proven wrong in my assertion that many more people will die as a consequence of COVID-19 related restrictions than from the virus itself.

The average age of those who have succumbed is the same as the average age of UK mortality: 82. No more lockdowns, scrap vaccine passports, no compulsion to wear face masks. Let the people decide. Their decisions are generally much better, more efficient and more cost effective than any government that claims to listen to so called experts (but only the “right kind” of experts of course).

For a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, say no to Omicron and let’s get on with our lives.

Segregation is alive and kicking in the American School

It has been a challenging week for Robin Appleby, who has chosen to resign as Headteacher of the £32,650 a year American School from 1st January. Resignation being the only viable alternative to being dismissed from her post by the Trustees.

As part of an endemically woke agenda, children were racially segregated in after school care (in breach of the Equality Act) and the BLM flagship malignant import, Critical Race Theory was woven throughout the curriculum with gender identity and preferred pronouns also ticked off on the woke checklist.

Parents have voted with their pen, sending a 12 page letter rejecting the indoctrination of their children with Critical Race Theory, which argues that race is a social construct and that racism is intrinsically embedded within law, politics and society as a whole.

From reports it appears that there are a number of radical teachers who intend to continue to pursue the woke agenda but they would do well to remember that the piper calls the tune. The tune they are playing rejects woke ideology so further clashes appear inevitable.

We may yet be hearing a variation on the BLM mantra of “no justice, no peace” with some planet real world lyrics: “no parents, no fees”.

Hell comes to Hull

The horrific story of a young girl in Hull who estimates she was raped by up to 150 men is the latest distressing instalment in the ongoing nightmare of Pakistani Muslim rape gangs grooming and then systematically abusing vulnerable young white girls.

I am alarmed that the mainstream media keep watering down the term Pakistani Muslim rape gangs, despite it being the common link between Hull, Rochdale, Rotherham, Oldham and other Northern towns.

Once grooming for prostitution is added in, this becomes not only a question of numbers but also geography. To be clear, this is a national issue and the numbers are frightening.

It is time the mainstream media and the police stopped watering down what is going on (rape and prostitution), who it is happening to (young, vulnerable white girls) and who is committing these atrocious crimes (Pakistani Muslim rape gangs). At best it is disingenuous to claim that they wish to avoid damaging community relations. At worst, it is, even now, a sweeping under the carpet of the full extent of these heinous acts.

Maggie Oliver continues to bravely shine a light on this issue and is becoming a more regular and well known face, not least to viewers of GB News. This problem is not going away and given the ongoing Channel crossing migrant crisis, is likely to get much worse without a coordinated operation by police, local authorities and the security services to rid this country of the scourge of these sexual criminal gangs. The only PC needed in this situation is Police Constable.

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