Monday musings – 6th December 2021

COVID-19 totalitarianism sweeps across Europe

As the Prime Minister knows only too well, a week is a long time in politics. Just over 20 months then, is a veritable lifetime and sufficient to see unprecedented, draconian impositions made upon our civil liberties.

Brexiteers seeking contemporary evidence of the wisdom of the EU referendum result have been given a further boost with the pronouncement from Ursula von der Leyen that EU wide mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 is “under consideration”.

Austria, Germany & Greece have all locked down citizens who have chosen not to receive vaccination, creating a societal schism. Other EU member states look set to follow imminently and the heavy hand of the European Commission appears to be compelling.

Despite being outside of the EU’s purview, the UK government continues to perform a more than passable impression of unilateral totalitarianism.

Mandatory vaccinations for the Care sector resulted in tens of thousands leaving a vocational sector that was already chronically under resourced.

Up to 100,000 NHS workers may choose to leave their jobs rather than face compulsory vaccination before April. I’m not disputing there is waste in the NHS (which remember is now the recipient of 40% of all government spending) but having received the lion’s share of an unbudgeted £36Bn, this feels counter intuitive at best.

Remember when vaccinating 15M people in the most vulnerable 4 cohorts prior to Easter was the route back to freedom?

Then getting double jabbed was the chequered flag to freedom?

And now? Vaccine manufacturers rub their hands at the prospect of 2 (soon to be 4?) jabs a year becoming the norm indefinitely for those who wish to attend large scale events or get on an aeroplane. Never mind democracy, civil liberties or the public finances (a further 114M vaccinations have been ordered by the government).

Worst of all, we are vaccinating 12 to 17 year olds, without the requirement for parental consent. I sincerely hope we will look back on this time as our democracy’s darkest hour in peace time.

As Omicron begins to take hold, the likelihood of the return of (more) severe restrictions, including further lockdowns should not be ruled out.

It is estimated that there are 740,000 undiagnosed cancer patients and rising as a result of the diversion of NHS resources towards the pandemic. The body of evidence suggesting that more people will die as an indirect result of COVID-19, than will die from contracting the virus morphs by the week.

We must not only mourn the loss (however temporary) of the principle of informed consent but also examine how (or should that be who) we got to where we are.

The curious reader may wish to scrutinise the backgrounds of members of the JCVI, NERVTAG, Sage and Independent Sage and judge for yourself if the government should be listening to these voices of “the science”, seemingly at the exclusion of all others.

By way of an example, let us consider long standing Communist, Susan Michie, an academic, clinical psychologist, and professor of Health Psychology, director of The Centre for Behaviour Change and head of The Health Psychology Research Group, all at University College London.

Ms Michie’s role in SAGE is:

an advisor to the British Government on matters concerning behavioural compliance with government regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

I’ll leave it there.

Immigration Macronomics don’t add up

Within 5 months until the French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron is under appreciable pressure and it shows.

Despite being odds on to win a second term with the bookmakers, Macron is likely to incur the wrath of the French, (who are far more vaccine sceptic than the majority of non-London UK citizens) if he imposes compulsory COVID-19 vaccinations on the French. Think gilets jaunes protests x 100.

The deaths of migrants in the English Channel led to a complete suspension of Entente Cordiale following Boris Johnson’s proposals for Anglo/French collaboration (in the form of a letter to Macron) appearing on Twitter, much to the chagrin of Monsieur Macron.

The hypocrisy of French politicians, not least Clement Beaune, using social media to issue their edicts to the British, including around which French boats we should allow to fish in British waters is “lost” on Macron, who reportedly resorted to referring to Johnson as a clown with the attitude of a knucklehead and a vulgarian. Suffice to say, this has not been rebutted by the Elysees Palace.

Much has been made of the need for a joint Anglo French solution to the Channel crossing migrant crisis. It would of course be preferable to see value for money on the £184M we have given to the French in 2021 for their services in reducing the numbers crossing. As migrant numbers have more than trebled this year, that is a sunk cost that is unlikely to yield any return.

Having left the EU, the onus is on the UK government to resolve the UK’s border issues. Guillotine through the Nationality & Borders Bill, leave the ECHR and prioritise the needs of the UK population over economic migrants.

As we always have, the UK will remain a welcome environment for genuine asylum seekers and we will “do our bit” but the days of open borders immigration must end. With or without the help of the French.

One last thing. The government must come clean with parliament on the average cost per night of housing migrants. It is an abrogation of duty to keep this information out of the public domain, when it is the public who ultimately foot the bill.

Shell & Science Museum cancel themselves to appease vocal minority

The UK’s reliance on imported fuel sources to meet our national energy requirements has been exacerbated by Shell’s decision to withdraw from the Cambo oilfield project in the North Sea.

At a time when fuel costs are increasing at hyper inflationary levels, to appease the vocal minority once again at the expense of the silent majority who are law abiding and pay their taxes in a timely manner is galling.

As delighted as we should be that Shell are relocating their headquarters from the Netherlands to the UK, their decision on Cambo, temporarily at least, renders it a Pyrrhic victory.

The Science Museum’s decision to alter its “Boy or Girl” display following a complaint over the “lack of mention of transgender” is absurd. Curators have confirmed that the gallery on Human Biology will be updated to include “non-inclusive narrative”.

The display covers subjects including hormones and critically, chromosomes. The transgender lobby which depending on whose numbers one accepts as empirical, represents between 0.25% and 0.8% of the population.

An august organisation like the Science Museum knows the difference between the substantially immutable issue of sex and gender identity.

To allow their intellectual integrity to be undermined by a vocal (and tiny) minority is at best, virtue signalling appeasement and at worst, the inexorable slide into Wokeism.

The cancer of identitarianism that has already metastasised in academia (Professor Jo Phoenix the latest to be forced out of her position at the Open University for allegedly “transphobic” views, following Kathleen Stock’s departure from the University of Sussex) must be repelled (along with Stonewall’s mission creep) from our museums and other public institutions.

Black Lives Matters’ annual Black Christmas (essentially a boycott of white companies) provides further proof (if it were needed) that this organisation is not rooted in equality but Marxism and anti-White hatred.

To claim they are representative of the Black Community is intellectually bankrupt, at best. It is past time that the silent majority stood up to Stonewall, Black Lives Matter and other divisive and iniquitous organisations that have no genuine interest in diversity or equality of opportunity and stopped appeasing them.

The famous Churchillian quotation on appeasement is apposite:

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”.

Merry Christmas everyone and to quote the late, great Dave Allen, may your God with you.

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