Thoughts for the week – 12th December 2021

The week in Wokeland

Wolfson College Cambridge really is the gift that keeps on giving. Not content with compulsory race classes for freshers, Student Union officials (or the Stasi to you and me) have launched a relentless campaign to name, shame and oust those with the good sense to leak screenshots of the mandatory workshops.

Our old friend, Critical Race Theory features prominently, along with the other favourites of the Wokeist lexicon including white supremacy, intersectionality, privilege and microaggressions.

You’d think after 21 months of stop/start half baked tuition (at best) and the looming prospect of more disruption through industrial action by lecturers over pay and pension provisions (which the National Union of Students supports naturally) they’d want to maybe focus on, erm, learning? Not a chance, after all, when would they have the time to be activists if they started going to lectures to learn instead of listening intently for breaches of the Woketionary?

Guidance issued by the Royal College Of Midwives referred not to new mothers but “post natal people”. After a substantial online backlash, they at least had the good grace to apologise and removed the gender neutral nonsense from their website.

#mynameis is the 2022 wheeze for Race Equality Matters week. 73% of poll respondents confirmed their name was mispronounced, whilst 88% thought a phonetic name spelling campaign would “help tackle inequality”.

I have a common enough surname (Davies) which is frequently mispronounced. Does this make me feel unequal? No.

Name badges with phonetic spellings and preferred pronouns? Call me unconvinced.

Adele has secured a Las Vegas residency. It will make her many millions of dollars. Well done Adele. Her decision to ban anyone unvaccinated from attending is less impressive. Tickets are by any stretch of the wallet, “premium” and the audience will be kept appreciably over 2 Metres away.

The last time I checked a dollar is a dollar. Taking a Las Vegas residency is beyond lucrative. Adele would be well served to not marginalise her fan base further by doubling down on the self indulgence of her latest album.

Her “Audience with” on ITV masked significant gaps in the physical audience as a good number of so called stars gave it a miss. It would be unfortunate if vaccination status led to the same issue in Las Vegas.

So long then to the acronym BAME. One request from Sir Lenny Henry and the mainstream broadcast media, in lockstep, cease to use the term.

I will not mourn the passing of an acronym that groups together essentially everyone who is not white. However, there is a sinister element to this, which makes me deeply uncomfortable.

Who decides what is and is not acceptable language? I share little ideologically with Trevor Phillips but he has my enduring respect for acknowledging that the inadvertent use of an out of date term (such as coloured instead of Black) does not and must not render someone as racist.

Woketopians do not have the exclusive moral, ethical or intellectual integrity to create words, acronyms and the like to exclude the majority of the population or worse still to use withdrawn terms to berate, bait or trap those who fail to “comply”. We do not live in an Orwellian state. Yet.

Tory war on drugs necessitates Human Rights Act reform

In a sincere attempt to tackle the endemic issues associated with the supply, distribution and consumption of proscribed narcotics, which is absolutely not an attempt to deflect from a horrible 6 weeks for them politically, the Tories have announced a 10 year war on drugs.

The plan includes the option for removal of driving licences & passports for possession offences in an attempt to inconvenience the casual “dinner party” users. Without withdrawal from the European Convention on Human Rights and the replacement of the Human Rights Act 1998, in which the ECHR provisions are enshrined, this will not happen.

My belief is that the Police and Security Services are well acquainted with the organised crime syndicates responsible for the import and distribution of the products.

Such is the chronically high level of consumption, it has become so normalised that so long as the criminals are keeping the requisite levels of violence needed to protect their interests within the criminal community, little changes.

It will be interesting to look back in 10 years time to see if this “war on drugs” has been a success. I have my doubts, (in the absence of strong sentencing followed by deportation of foreign nationals who largely control the organised crime gangs) that this will be more than virtue signalling.

Arresting asthmatic, Elliot Batty in Manchester for not wearing a face mask in a Subway whilst 3 people a week are murdered in that city each week adds ballast to my view.

Batty was chippy for sure (which may explain the 1M+ views his camera footage garnered on social media) but it is not a crime to be rude to a police officer nor can the police arrest people for not wearing face masks who claim to be exempt unless they have reasonable grounds to assume they are being lied to.

North Shropshire by election a referendum on Johnsonism

The theoretically safe Tory seat of North Shropshire is looking increasingly vulnerable to a repeat of the Chesham & Amersham by election result.

The by election on 16th December has become so uncomfortably close that many bookmakers have made the Liberal Democrats favourites to pull off a stunning heist.

The Tory candidate has been parachuted in from Birmingham and volunteers have flooded in to knock doors but the feedback has been almost overwhelmingly gloomy, ranging from those who will sit on their hands to those who will spoil their ballot papers and at the extremes, voting tactically (ie Lib Dem) to (further) bloody the battered Boris Johnson.

The demise of the Tories’ national opinion poll ratings began with the Owen Paterson affair. The next few days will determine if it will come full circle and lead to the loss of the seat. If it does, the likelihood of a leadership challenge to Johnson will ramp up.

Either way, his chances of seeing out 2022, let alone emulating his hero, Winston Churchill look increasingly fanciful.

Merry Christmas everyone and to quote the late, great Dave Allen, may your God with you.

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