COVID-19: the end of the beginning or the return to normality?

In the week that the Plan B COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in England (other UK nations predictably broadly following suit), it is telling that there is now a rush to be on the right side of history in relation to restrictions on the nation’s civil liberties.

In one Twitter spat, Liam Halligan and Jeremy Vine had a very public disagreement after Vine’s attempt to evidence his libertarian instincts were dismissed by Halligan, leading to Vine using the ultimate sanction of blocking him.

There are of course virtue signalling exceptions that wish to keep the population living in perpetual fear, instead of returning to pre-pandemic normality. We should be thankful we are not Austrian, whose Parliament voted 137 to 33 in favour of mandatory vaccination for their entire population.

Step forward the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who insisted that passengers on all Transport for London services would be required to remain masked.

Not to be outdone, the National Education Union (“NEU”) will require children to wear face masks whilst at school. To be clear, children, whose risk of contracting COVID-19 is de minimis, will be required to wear a bacteria trap to protect themselves, their friends and their teachers. Even though the latter are presumably all triple vaccinated and wear it as a badge of honour.

The NEU just pips Khan as this week’s virtue signaller in chief, not least given their members preference for activism over teaching. I advise them to buy new hair shirts for all members to celebrate.

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