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Austrian Mad Vaxx

The Austrian Government mandatory vaccination edict took effect from 1st February 2022. In a move to a full blown “papers please” society, citizens are required to carry proof of vaccination status at all times or face fines of up to €3,000. 

Some people never learn it seems.

Raising interest levels

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee increased interest rates to 0.5%. This is the first time in 18 years that interest rates have increased in successive months. 

Further rises are inevitable as their inflation target of 2% is currently 5.4% and rising. 4 members of the committee wanted a higher increase so expect a further 0.25% increase in March and further increases throughout 2022, with the commensurate impact on mortgage repossessions inevitable.


The intervention by the Equalities & Human Rights Commission into the SNP’s Gender Recognition Act progression is timely. 

In the Woketopian race to place largely immutable biological sex, ahead of gender this is not transphobia but common sense. Will the SNP heed their caution? Almost certainly not but if they don’t (further) madness that way comes.

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