Thoughts for the week – 5th February 2022

Mandatory vaccination U turn exposes lack of Care

Sajid Javid’s decision to pull back from forcing frontline NHS staff to be vaccinated or leave their jobs is a victory for the Health Trade Unions, NHS100 and belatedly common sense.

It is mendacious to claim that the evidence before the Health Secretary on COVID-19 is materially different to what was known in December 2021.

Angelique Coetzee, the South African General Practitioner who first documented the Omicron variant, confirmed based on her own albeit modest data, that it was highly infectious but rarely life threatening.

This was borne out in empirical data as weeks passed yet the Health Secretary held off from his “consultation” (kicking the ball 80 yards into the elephant grass) until just 4 days before the estimated 78,000 unvaccinated staff affected would need to have had their first jab.

This policy is an act of sabotage. It has destroyed trust between staff and management at individual hospital level that may never repair. It has also opened the floodgates to a slew of claims for compensation and reinstatement from up to 40,000 workers in the Social Care sector who lost their jobs in November.

Once again, the government is the creator of its own demise. Bodily autonomy should not even be a conversation piece in a free society. It is telling that Dr Steve James and the Together campaign are still pursuing their judicial review on the legitimacy of the government’s mandate.

Given the other “difficulties” (also of its own making) the government is facing from departures in 10 Downing Street to mounting letters of no confidence to Sir Graham Brady, along with things it will claim are not it’s responsibility (an energy cost crisis and roaring inflation), one might think that Mr Javid might have avoided the ignominy of a “consultation” by not pursuing this policy in the first place.

Adding 78,000 to the 100,000 vacancies already in the NHS would have been an act of folly. Mind you, adding up to 40,000 vacancies in Social Care due to mandatory vaccinations in a sector with 10% vacancies also lacked wisdom.

Better late than never? Of course but once again the government has given itself an avoidable bloody nose. No surprise that the Tories move ever closer to the beginning of the regicide of Boris Johnson as they see that despite a weak Labour opposition, they are well on their way to ensuring that they lose power for (at least) a generation at the next General Election.

The Tories’ credibility for economic management responsibility was blown with breaking manifesto promises on taxation. Get Brexit Done has been exposed as a fallacy by Edwin Poots of the Democratic Unionist Party and the lack of deregulation that will ensure the real dividend of Brexit is not delivered.

Recognising we are over 40% of the way through a full parliamentary term, it would be easy to dismiss the Tories plummeting poll ratings as “mid term blues” and cite their 9% support (and 5th place) in the European Parliament elections 7 months before winning an 80 seat majority in 2019.

That would be ostrich mentality at best. The Tories are heading for a massacre in May’s local elections. They have only themselves to blame.

Reports, updates, inquiries, paralysis

Instinctively, I am sceptical about public inquiries and the like. Having lived long enough to see successive governments use inquiries as a means to avoid difficult questions “in the moment” and then avoid the same difficult questions when the findings of the inquiry are reported as “it is all in the report and we will learn the lessons from it”, nothing I have seen this week has reduced my scepticism, perhaps even augmented it.

The long awaited Sue Gray report into the potential breaches of lockdown restrictions at 10 Downing Street became an update comprising 12 pages, of which one was the front page and another was “intentionally left blank”.

With the Metropolitan Police investigating all but 4 of the events that Sue Gray was commissioned to investigate, her “findings” were confined to a general admonishment of the culture of entitlement and mismanagement inside 10 Downing Street and the Cabinet Office.

As all of the events the Met are investigating are over 6 months old, they are either wasting taxpayers money (as any offences would be time barred for issuance of Fixed Penalty Notices) or Gray’s evidence gathering has uncovered criminal activity that falls outside the scope of the Coronavirus Act.

When will the Met conclude its investigation? Who knows. What odds by the time it does, the Partygate circus will have long since left town?

The latest whitewash report on Pakistani Muslim male child abusing rape gangs, with chairs of the inquiry lasting in post anything from 6 days to 18 months is another waste of time, money and paper.

Despite the sentencing of “Lord” (hopefully not for much longer) Ahmed to five and a half years imprisonment for his participation in this heinous crime, the ritual abuse of young white girls, often in care, who are groomed into modern day slavery, county lines drug distribution and prostitution in towns and cities up and down the country, continues unabated.

This national disgrace is an uncomfortable subject for the woke dominated mainstream media. Not as uncomfortable as those who are being abused but presumably this is payback for their white privilege.

Apart from as a slogan “Levelling up” is nebulous in the extreme. With around 50% of GDP generated inside the M25, it is laudable in principle to seek to provide the same job opportunities throughout this United Kingdom, regardless of geography.

This week’s white paper appears to be little more than box checking. £1.5Bn is being awarded to 20 areas of relative economic deprivation. Improving infrastructure, transport links, housing and other tinkering at the margins rather misses the point.

With education standards in socially deprived areas often coinciding with failing schools dominated by teachers who are activists primarily and occasional teachers delivering lessons parrot fashion direct from a text book, it is progress of sorts that this fact has been acknowledged.

More money? £4Bn (critics will say none of it is new). 90% of children will meet the “required standard” for the “3 Rs” by 2030. 55 new “Education Investment Areas”, a new “National Academy” and so on.

Call me underwhelmed, not least as:

  • The Conservative & Unionist Party (so called) has been in office almost 12 years across 4 terms.
  • Michael Gove was the Secretary of State for Education from 2010 to 2014.

If this needs doing now, why has it waited 12 years? All of which brings me back to the last word of the title of this piece: paralysis.

Sir Keir Starmer is no Tony Blair but he is being made to look like a future Prime Minister when he should not be remotely close to 10 Downing Street.

The Tories have developed an “end of days” feel to them since the Owen Paterson debacle as they did for the majority of John Major’s full term in office. That led to 13 years in opposition. For a party that won an 80 seat majority just over 2 years ago, they look like a beaten horse who still has almost 3 miles to run.

They don’t need an inquiry to know that something has to change (and quickly) to reverse their inexorable slide into electoral defeat.

Energy bill crisis exacerbated by Net Zero nonsense

The piece below, in collaboration with the Bow Group, details why the government’s slavish commitment to Net Zero is limiting their scope to mitigate the 54% increase in the energy price cap (10 x the current rate of Consumer Price Inflation).

Instead of removing 5% VAT on domestic energy (a key Brexit commitment) and abolishing the 25% green energy subsidy embedded in all bills, which would have made a significant difference to headline energy costs, the government’s response was predictable given their propensity to spend, further fuelling the National Debt.

Offering a £150 rebate on Council Tax bills for those in bands A to D, will be at least partially swallowed by increasing Council Tax bills.

Offering a £200 loan that will have to be repaid over 4 years is “Buy Now Pay Later” in a society already overflowing with consumer debt is pouring petrol on an already raging fire.

We produce just over half of our domestic energy requirements exposing us to the mercy of the wholesale energy markets, with the electorate suffering the inevitable consequences of a rising market.

There are just 3 coal fired power stations still in use (more than the government would like), without which with the wind stubbornly refusing to blow, the lights would have gone out several times in recent months.

The early closure of our nuclear power stations (and only one in Construction) means that nuclear will only provide a modest amount of our energy requirements for at least the next 10 years. Even if we began commissioning new nuclear plants to meet our requirements now, it would be the mid 2030s before capacity would meet current demand (not accounting for population growth).

All of which means, we can expect energy bills to keep rising in years to come until wholesale energy prices (over which we have no control) stabilise. That is anything but Net Zero to the electorate.

And finally….

Austrian Mad Vaxx

The Austrian Government mandatory vaccination edict took effect from 1st February 2022. In a move to a full blown “papers please” society, citizens are required to carry proof of vaccination status at all times or face fines of up to €3,000.

Some people never learn it seems.

Raising interest levels

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee increased interest rates to 0.5%. This is the first time in 18 years that interest rates have increased in successive months.

Further rises are inevitable as their inflation target of 2% is currently 5.4% and rising. 4 members of the committee wanted a higher increase so expect a further 0.25% increase in March and further increases throughout 2022, with the commensurate impact on mortgage repossessions inevitable.


The intervention by the Equalities & Human Rights Commission into the SNP’s Gender Recognition Act progression is timely.

In the Woketopian race to place largely immutable biological sex ahead of gender, this is not transphobia but common sense. Will the SNP heed their caution? Almost certainly not but if they don’t (further) madness that way comes.

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