Despotism is the new Liberal Democracy

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Last night, I tweeted as below. It is not exhaustive, this is Twitter after all but it serves as a useful starting point for a piece I did not think needed to be written, such has been my own “compliance” in the con.

I’ve written previously about the World Economic Forum agenda, spoken just this week on George Soros and do not share one iota of enthusiasm for our next King’s (and his son’s) enthusiasm for The Great Reset or Build Back Better.

I abhor the cult of Wokeism and all of its pernicious, insidious pettifogging. Yet it has taken me 2 years to be awake to what has happened to Democracy. The tyranny that our forefathers fought 2 world wars against has won. Not a shot was fired.

The developed world has sleepwalked into complicit submission with authoritarianism and in some cases, totalitarianism. This is an oil tanker that has no speed regulator, steering wheel or Captain, has unlimited fuel and has only one objective: tyranny.

In the UK, having scared our own population to death with dire warnings of the consequences of ignoring “Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives”, we have at best:

  • A hobbling increase in National Debt;
  • Diminished public services, not least GP access and spiralling elective surgery waiting list;
  • Residual population control (with the emergency powers of the Coronavirus Act still live)
  • Creeping censorship (2 Cabinet Ministers calling for a comedian to be cancelled or prosecuted under the ever widening scope of the Online Harms Bill).

All that and we are considered to be getting “back to normal” as we are preparing for “living with COVID-19”.

The Freedom Convoy in Canada was a beacon of light for those who believe in real freedom. Theirs is “the wrong kind” of protest.

Justin Trudeau was happy to attend a Black Lives Matter march and willingly “take the knee” amidst the worst of the pandemic but has (illegally) invoked the Emergencies Act to break up the protest in Ottawa, freezing bank accounts and stealing property from not just the protesters but anyone who dared to fund them.

Canadian police have been knocking on the doors of citizens who dared to post support for the truckers to “check their thinking”. Pre-crime anyone?

Austria has imposed compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 on its entire population.

Jacinda Ardern, bastion of progressive politics? Not quite. Openly dividing her citizens by vaccination status.

Joe Biden. I’ll leave it there.

And it is not just those on the left.

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison presided over a spectacularly unsuccessful “Zero Covid” strategy and state lockdowns are the new normal.

As for our own Prime Minister, his reputation for libertarianism is in the recycling and the chumocracy that was a regular feature of Camborne hit unprecedented levels of corruption at the beginning of the pandemic with an endless supply of public money seemingly doled out to anyone who thought Matt Hancock was a competent Secretary of State for Health & Social Care.

The United Kingdom is a proud and largely law abiding nation. We stayed at home, apart from those who set the policy. We protected the NHS which repaid us by not treating the chronically ill because they might spread COVID-19 (although hospitals remain the single largest source of transmission). We saved lives. Or did we?

We have stored up a mental health tsunami that will erode productivity for decades to come. Hundreds of thousands will die from untreated cancers, heart disease and other conditions that don’t matter because they are not COVID-19.

Today is my line in the sand. From Bill Gates to Klaus Schwab, I will resist globalism. Marxism which could never win at the ballot box must be driven out of our education system from pre-school to universities.

Economic vandalism must be reversed. The state must be shrunk. Police forces must investigate burglaries instead of off colour tweets. Immigration must be used only to fill vacancies in the employment market that our own population are too skilled for. At the moment, no such vacancies exist.

With 3 centre left parties vying for power in the United Kingdom (ignore the names above the door, they are all derivations of the same oligopoly), I will champion what I believe is the only way back from the subsidence into which we edge further.

The case for Social and Fiscal Conservatism is more compelling than ever. I’m not advocating Back to Basics thanks John Major. I have no interest in us rejoining the European Union, Michael Heseltine. Instead, I’m with Julie Burchill, who wrote an excellent piece this week on the 1980s being the last real decade of “freedom”.

Margaret Thatcher withstood the Cold War, Trade Union rabidity, roaring inflation and an economy on its knees and restored the economic and social prosperity of the United Kingdom in 11 years.

She would have no truck with the New World Order, preferring to stand alone if necessary and turn her back to the madness sweeping the rest of the world.

I’m proud to be a Thatcherite small c conservative who trusts the people of this country to make better decisions for themselves than the state ever will.

The saying goes that if you want to see into the future, look into the past. On that basis I choose 1979, not an Orwellian 1984.

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3 thoughts on “Despotism is the new Liberal Democracy

  1. Chris, I understand everything you have written here, but it leaves me with more questions than answers. I can see the damage easily now of the authoritorianism and ‘do as the state says’, is doing to places like Australia, New Zealand,Canad.a. Those countries were ones who I thought it could never happen. Most leaders had a conundrum when Covid19 appeared. We had no vaccine. People were ‘asked’ at the beginning, and’told’ later. I know that as a vulnerable person, I was frightened. My immune system just would not have been able to fight. The first lockdowns I didn’t even question, I see/saw nothing wrong. We had to do it, were my thoughts. As time went o, and we could see light with the vaccine, I felt that we didnt have to lock down hard, just a few things, but I went along with science. I probably still would. I felt/feel sorry for the Conservative party, who were ready to give so much to the country, but now had no chance of doing so. Boris is an easy man to like, and I still feel at this particular time, he can win votes for the Tory party and do a lot to get his manifesto back on track.He wont be the best forever, but he will get the job done that needs doing right now. I hate woke, I hate most of the leftist ideas, but I dont see us as going into that, I see more sense in hoping ‘we’ will win against it. My big question is, how would people like yourself have dealt with the pandemic, without bringing the ‘do as I we say’ culture in, Without having to do things very quickly at the beginning, to simply save the lives of ordinary people. How would you have stopped the freedoms being so curtailed. I don’t feel I particularly lost loads of my freedom, but I was in a unique position. I listened to Dan Wooton raging against lockdown, masks etc, and didnt understand at all what he was moaning about, and told him so, many times. I dont know, was I wrong to agree to the Governments words, should I have felt differenlty? Should I fight more for another Conservative party than what we have now. See, im beginning to question 😉

    1. Linda, delighted to know this is you. 😊 It may sound odd but I’m delighted you have more questions than answers in a way, because you, unlike many others I’m sad to say, are thinking and not just nodding along. The Nazis began with words, burning a few books and getting people to make casual anti-Semitic remarks years before the unspeakable horrors began in earnest. Australia, Canada and NZ are Commonwealth countries. Why has no one from the UK spoken up for their populace? I accept when COVID-19 emerged, that despite Trump being laughed at for (correctly) identifying the source of the outbreak, no country was more prepared than China for it. Not only did they cause it, they have profited from it. Just about every PCR test, face mask/other PPE, lateral flow test is Chinese made.

      My wife is clinically extremely vulnerable. We took draconian steps to keep her safe. Rightly so. The problem is “the science” constantly alluded to by governments throughout the world is “approved” science that suits their narrative. Professor Neil Ferguson has overstated the risk of mortality at every turn. Sir Jeremy Farrar, until last November a member of SAGE helped to cover up the Wuhan Institute of Virology as the source of the outbreak for “the good of science”. I am not a conspiracy theorist, these are facts. If you look at the Great Barrington Declaration, you will see an example of “science” just not “the science”. After 2 years there are many dissenting voices but I accept it is always easy to criticise through a retrospectoscope!

      The members of the Conservative Party knew Boris had a “colourful” past. He is a serial cheat, has a relaxed relationship with the truth but he is a brilliant campaigner. He is also not Jeremy Corbyn which of itself was sufficient to secure the 80 seat majority. We will never know what he would have achieved without the pandemic. The dearth of quality alternatives alone, unless there is dynamite in the Met Police report will see him last until the May local elections. I get your point about Mr Right Now if not Mr Right.

      I would have dealt with the pandemic rather more clinically. The government advertising campaign scared and cowered people who to this day are scared to leave their homes. There is a hardcore minority who live alone and wear masks at home. I had my misgivings about the first lockdown but was willing to accept on balance, with little data, it was borderline justifiable and complied. However from November 2020 until July 2021, the curtailment of civil liberties and economic damage was unjustifiable as those scientists who did not kowtow to “the science” were deliberately ignored. There are so many things that annoy me about this so called Conservative Party. Net Zero, Energy policy (over many years), immigration, record levels of taxation, vaccine passports (ID cards by stealth) to name but a few. I resigned my membership of the party last September so that I could campaign with a clear conscience for my brand of conservatism, which has not changed since I started voting in 1989. Keep questioning, keep thinking and most of all don’t believe everything you see, hear or read. Even from me! Lovely to engage with you in more than 280 characters and now time to go under the knife. Keep well Lin and thanks again for taking the time to write. 👍🏻

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