“Local” elections?

On Sunday 24th April 2022, I ran a poll for 6 hours 3 minutes, as below.

This came hot on the heels of a wider poll on Saturday 16th April 2022, around threats to traditional British values, which ran for 6 hours 37 minutes and returned a not dissimilar result.

Conclusions: immigration is far and away the most significant factor for 62% of voters in local elections and when asked what the biggest single threat is to traditional British values, 78% also voted for immigration.

Bearing in mind this is since the Rwanda announcement, these numbers are on paper, staggering. Except, they’re not. Let’s examine why.

It is fair to posit that, predominantly, those who voted either follow me or follow these who follow me. I have a very “big tent” of followers ideologically from the #BackBoris to those who want the return of Judeo-Christian values and a substantial reduction in the size of the state.

My point is, whilst the vast majority of those who voted would start in the centre, immigration is comfortably the single biggest issue that troubles the centre, centre right and social/fiscal small c conservatives.

Whilst councillors are often taken to task for services over which they have no control (the NHS for example), they do wield significant power. Local government is the sharp end of politics. You don’t do it for the money, it has to be a vocation and you need a very thick skin.

My father was a County Councillor for over 20 years, over 10 of them as part of the leadership team in power and in opposition. He also had a full time job. I have no idea how he did it and I consider myself a grafter.

If immigration does not instinctively feel like a local issue, that is because local government is left to deal with the fallout of central government policy.

The arrival of 8M people on these shores since the EU accession countries were given free movement in 2003 is in stark contrast with a long standing birth rate (1.61 per family) that is below the level of population replacement (2.1 children per family).

These 8M (more including their UK born progeny) need housing, their children need educating. Most of them will drive a car. All of them will need healthcare. Some will need access to welfare payments.

So that’s highways, housing and education that all come under the remit of local government.

There have been many column inches written about cross channel economic (illegal) immigration. Rwanda should act as a deterrent given it is almost 90% males aged 16-35 who use this route to access the UK and that is the cohort that will be sent off for processing.

In truth, cross channel immigration is, even at 28,500 last year, relatively modest (although that is the “official” number from the hapless Home Office and it may be double that due to untraceables).

My primary concern is that whilst the House of Commons was voting to refer Boris Johnson to the Standards Committee over cake and parties (3.1% of those polled said this was the single biggest factor affecting their voting intentions in the local elections), Boris himself was off meeting the Indian Prime Minister (who despite being a nuclear power, we still provide foreign aid to).

It transpires that Boris must have eaten some very dense globalism that morning as he all but rolled out the red carpet to a massive expansion in South Asian (India and Pakistan) legal, yes, legal immigration, in numbers that dwarf the channel crossings.

Unsurprisingly, this received very little attention in the mainstream media, who kneel at the World Economic Forum with zeal.

Just a quick look at the demography again. The UK birth rate is 1.61 children per family.

India’s is 2.2 children per family and they are imminently set to overtake China as the world’s most populous country.

Pakistan’s? 3.45 children per family.

Currently, white British is 86% of the UK population but it is falling. In London, it is a minority group.

Current forecasts are that by 2050, white British will be a minority group across the UK.

On reflection, it seems those who voted for immigration as the single biggest issue in local elections are the enlightened.

I feel genuinely sorry for hard working councillors who will lose their seats on 5th May 2022. I expect the Tories to lose at least 750 of theirs, which, against an opposition leader that appears to have broken lockdown rules (he won’t resign) and who refuses to say that a woman is an adult human female, should be yet another wake up call to the slumbering, gaffe prone, misnomered Conservative & Unionist Party.

Pursuing the highest rate of taxation since the 1940s is not conservatism and with the cost of living soaring, hammering hard working people with more tax that further reduces disposable income is already reflected in rapidly declining consumer confidence.

As for Unionism, spare a thought for Unionist members of Stormont in Northern Ireland, some of the most patriotic people in the United Kingdom.

With Stormont elections all but certain to return Sinn Féin as the largest party, Boris’ “Get Brexit Done” slogan really has seen better days. Allowing Northern Ireland to be annexed by the EU, whilst sabre rattling with Putin and standing side by side with Zelenskyy and not triggering Article 16, is the route to a border poll, sooner rather than later.

Who said local elections don’t matter?

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3 thoughts on ““Local” elections?

  1. Brilliant writing, Chris. You have put into words everything I think and feel. I cannot bear the idea of Labour party gains in any election, including locals, but what are we voters supposed to do when our party is refusing to listen? The current government under Boris does not deserve the support of people like me while they are destroying our country and our children and grandchildren’s futures – but the alternative would be no better!

    1. Sue, thank you that’s very kind.

      I’m with you on Labour. I sense voter turnout will tell it’s own story with many instinctive Tories abstaining rather than voting for that shower.

      The dearth of quality in British politics is gravely concerning. Misleading the house, watching pornography, dressing inappropriately (a suit and tie is not too much to ask is it)? Oh and economic ruin with debts racked up that won’t be repaid this century. Have a lovely weekend. 😊🙏

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