Just Political Reality – Episode 5 – 24th May 2022

In this episode, I dive into the demolition of Scotland by the Scottish National Party’s ‘Chief Mammy’ Nicola Sturgeon, with special guests Gill Sewell and Richard Lucas. Lucas is the leader of the Scottish Family Party, a socially-conservative party advocating for putting families first and even embracing the idea of people having children – aContinue reading “Just Political Reality – Episode 5 – 24th May 2022”

Just Political Reality – Episode 4 – 17th May 2022

As expected YouTube removed this episode. I’ve appealed but futile. As Mark Steyn said, any dissent from “follow the science” on COVID-19 policy harms or vaccine injury/death and out comes the jackboot. Now uploaded to Rumble. https://rumble.com/v155c2w-just-political-reality-episode-4-17th-may-2022.html

Local elections – analysis and take aways

The Tories have a majority in precisely zero councils in Scotland or Wales. With a vote share of 30% in England, the loss of 491 seats nationwide and the drip drip drip of gains for the Liberal Democrats in the so called Blue Wall, one might think this will be the wake up call theContinue reading “Local elections – analysis and take aways”

“Local” elections?

On Sunday 24th April 2022, I ran a poll for 6 hours 3 minutes, as below. This came hot on the heels of a wider poll on Saturday 16th April 2022, around threats to traditional British values, which ran for 6 hours 37 minutes and returned a not dissimilar result. Conclusions: immigration is far andContinue reading ““Local” elections?”

Media appearance: Trading the Markets Show – IG – 19th April 2022

Podcast on the likely outcome of the French Presidential election run off between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen and consequences arising from a victory for either candidate for both the UK and the EU.

The long march to the end of Johnsonism

After a week of relentless good news stories from the government in the run up to the parliamentary recess, the week commencing 10th April has put a pin in the balloon with inevitable consequences. The pin comes principally in the form of Fixed Penalty Notices for Boris Johnson, Carrie Johnson and Rishi Sunak and relateContinue reading “The long march to the end of Johnsonism”

Inflation Inflation Stagflation

This article was kindly published by Orthodox Conservatives What goes up must come down apparently but not for a while at least in the case of inflation and it’s nasty cousin, stagflation. Heading into the Easter break, the latest economic metrics make for grim reading. Despite the slew of “good news” from the government lastContinue reading “Inflation Inflation Stagflation”